About ClauWi®

clauwi-logoClauWi® Babywearing School was established
in Germany 16 years ago and was one of the first
types of such investments in Europe. The initiator of the School was Petra Wilhelm and she created ClauWi® with her dear friend, Claudia Hahn.

Based on her own experiences with babywearing, she concluded that in babywearing not only closeness and safety are important but also the correct position of the child in the sling and the posture of the wearer. Numerous talks with orthopaedists, osteopaths, physiotherapists and other specialists enabled her to find the answers for questions like:

– how the musculoskeletal system, especially spine, pelvis and hips react to being carried in a sling,
– how the individual body parts of the wearer react etc. as each person carrying is different.

Babywearing should be pleasant for both parent and child.

Currently, ClauWi® trains Babywearing Advisors in a few countries of Europe, in USA, Israel, Canada and Australia. Thanks to its stability and reputation, the School has established its position on the training market. In turn well-educated coaching staff guarantee a high level of courses for Babywearing Advisors.

ClauWi® prides itself on working with the best babywearing specialists in the field
globally and, with 15 years of experience, the ClauWi® Babywearing School has a proven record of developing and delivering extensive training.

ClauWi® Babywearing School with its Advisors creates high standards for carrying healthy children and those with development challenges. The School also develops new methods by matching them to the newest research and studies.

The purpose of ClauWi® Babywearing School is to popularise the idea of carrying children in slings and soft carriers and the idea of Attachment Parenting across the world.