Who am I?


My name is Diana and I have lived in UK for almost 11 years. My daughter Mia totally turned my life upside down. Living abroad is exciting but at the same time I’m endlessly homesick.
Totally addicted to books, green tea and the music of Michael Bublé,
I also love delicious, healthy food and travelling.

I became a mum in 2014 and every day since then has taught me what attachment parenting really means and how much our children need that closeness. It turns out that this closeness can be achieved in a very simple way – by using a sling.

I took a course to be a ClauWi® Babywearing Advisor and since then I’ve been working as such in Aberdeen and now in Southampton. Working with parents is such an enormous source of satisfaction and endless inspirations and positive emotions for me.

Why am I writing here?

I want my website to help you as parents in the complexity of babywearing in slings and/or soft carriers.

I believe that the preservation of closeness with our child does not have to constrict our lives. Almost every activity is possible with a child in a sling.

I hope I can help you to sort this topic out 🙂

What am I writing about?

As a mummy to a very energetic and high-need little girl, I have an experience in babywearing in slings and carriers. Let me show you the advantages of babywearing in a sling, how to do it, what is important in babywearing and where to start.