Did you know that a human child is born physiologically slightly premature and anthropologists call it an „external fetus”? At the moment of being born, baby’s brain has only 25% of its target volume and is the most immature of all newborn mammals.

The newborn child is born with a natural need for closeness and matures beside the parent’s body, so that’s why for generations parents have carried their children.

Carrying the child also has a huge benefit for its parents – they have a golden opportunity to build a unique bond with their child, have them always by their side, respond to the child’s signals and at the same time, do other activities hands-free.

Consultation Offers:

SlingWise One-to-One Consultation £35 (2,5h)
SlingWise Both Parents Consultation £45 (3h)
I will tell you how baby’s spine straightens up in their first year. Present and discuss basic ties from the baby’s first days. Will teach chosen tie(s) appropriate to child’s age. We’ll go through the benefits of carrying for parents and baby.

SlingWise Baby £25 (1,5 – 2h)
For mums-to-be who want to learn about babywearing before their baby is born. We’ll go through the benefits of carrying for parents and baby. Will show you different types of slings and how to tie them.

SlingWise Follow-Up Consultation  £15 (1h)
Up to 4 weeks after first One-to-One consultation, if you want to practice tying the sling up, get support or advice.

SlingWise Afternoon Tea  £25 (1,5h)
After One-to-One consultation if you want to learn additional ways of tying the sling which could be more suitable for you on the next stage of your child’s development.

SlingWise Workshop  £25/pp (2,5-3h)
Workshop of a group of max. 4 people  


Babywearing talks

If you run antenatal classes, mum’s club or any other similar group and wish to organize an informational meeting about babywearing, please get in touch with me. I’ll be happy to help!

Sling rental

I you feel that you need more time to make a decision about purchasing your own woven wrap, you can rent it from me.

Cost of a single woven wrap rental is £20/2 weeks + individually prearranged security deposit and written confirmation.