Can you avoid buying a stroller? Yes, you can. We succeeded, and I will tell you how.

Our story is just an example, and I know that there are parents who can’t imagine functioning without it on a daily basis. Going to the shop, for a walk, to the city and other trips. And by all means this is OK! For us, things went the way that this expenditure has proven to be just completely unnecessary, and with this turn of events I am very happy.

In theory, I contributed a little bit to this.

My dear child was approx. 8-9 months, when she began to walk. It went very quickly and equally we found out that this little toddler has limitless energy and strength. From the moment in which she stood on both legs, she is constantly in motion. She doesn’t want to sit or stand still. Therefore, you can imagine what our walks look like. It was when we were still using our first pushchair that I came to the conclusion; it was beyond my strength and patience. I just cannot run with my daughter and chase her, while trying to keep an eye on the pushchair. If I’m with her on a walk, I prefer to give my attention to her and our joint plays, than be dispersed by peeking corner of my eye, whether the pushchair is still in the same place.

Yes I know. Maybe someone will think I’m exaggerating, but I made my decision because this is what I felt back then.

If we’re going to go out, my daughter will walk. If she gets tired I’ll put her in a baby carrier.

My child also helped to make this decision.

There were two situations that just convinced me that we are doing well. First one, when we were on a walk just two of us, and my daughter decided to get out of the pushchair. Sure, no problem. She has legs, wants to run, go ahead. But she didn’t want to come back to it. Ladies and gentlemen, drama, drama, drama.

Second one, when we went to the sea with a larger group of people. There was no problem with sitting in the pushchair on the way there. It got much worse on the way back, once again the drama and tantrum for an hour on the street, and I was swearing at myself in my mind that I didn’t take a baby carrier.

In retrospect, I think that it also had to do with the personality of my daughter. From birth she was a child in need of huge intimacy. Hugging and carrying her was, and still is, on the agenda. When teething, when putting to sleep, even when we were playing together or cooking something in the kitchen – always in my arms, next to me, and finally in a sling and baby carrier. Thus, there was no surprise she felt peaceful when put in a baby carrier on our walks or trips into town.

What are the advantages of this decision?

Huge! My daughter, used to walking and running, without the possibility of sitting in a pushchair, can go a really long distance by herself. My friend Monika, witnessed this when we met in June in Poland and we went with our girls to the open-air museum in Chorzow. My daughter was unstoppable. She got tired literally at the very end, when we had to go home in the evening.

My friend from work learned about it the hard way. We visited her recently on the university campus, where I used to work, and instead of slow walking and enjoying the weather; we had to chase Mia every now and then. Experience has taught me, and I was wearing sneakers. Unfortunately her summer sandals were not designed for chasing a Little Road Runner.

We walk almost every day, unless it’s really rainy or it’s so windy that it blows us off the sidewalk. The only thing I need is a bag with food and baby carrier. Since we now have fantastic weather, we use the absolute maximum of it. We’re going to the park or on the beach, and when my daughter asks me to carry her, I take out our baby carrier and we move on. Shopping that we need to do just the two of us, because my other half is on a business trip, is not a problem. Mia is on my back and my hands are free. Usually she gets a roll in her hand or something else for a bite and she’s busy, when I rummage among shopping shelves. I don’t have to run, chase her and get angry. I can focus on what I need to add to the basket, and it rarely happens that my daughter is suddenly uncomfortable or wants to go down on the ground. It would have to be one of those bad days when absolutely nothing is good enough for her, but then I don’t risk if I don’t have to and we stay at home, otherwise it would cause us more nerves than peace.

What you get from wearing your child this way?

For me, it is mainly the closeness. Children need it and slings and baby carriers perfectly help in this. But it is also a huge convenience, simplifying my life as a mum and parent overall, because dads also wear their babies. It’s about two free hands and the ability to do your thing while my child quietly satisfies her need of hugging.

That’s why I decided to work in this direction. I want to help other parents in making decisions about babywearing. In November this year, I will take part in the first of the three, babywearing courses. Additional motivation for this decision I got from my friend who saw Mia once in a sling and now in a baby carrier, and knew our everyday life, decided to buy a sling and asked me for help. And I do not like to do anything half-heartedly or uncertainly. Therefore, I’ll get knowledge and I will share it with other parents.

I feel incredible joy and excitement at the very thought of it!

Polish version of this post is available HERE



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