People learn all their life. And so it turned out that the first scarf I bought for myself and my daughter was not the best possible choice, but what comforts me is the fact, that I followed the right direction and didn’t give up.

I knew from the beginning that I want to wear my child. When I started my adventure as a mother, I had no idea that this comes under the philosophy of attachment parenting. I just did it intuitively. My daughter was able to sleep only in our arms; all her problems were soothed in our arms, especially when teething. But I had to work somehow, because how can I take care of the house, and myself if both hands are busy? Sling, and later baby carrier proved to be a real godsend.

The fact that thanks to babywearing, we avoided buying a stroller, I wrote in the blog, “Where is our stroller?” I absolutely do not criticize parents who have pushchairs and use them, after all they do what they think is the best for themselves and for their children, and what works every day. But because it turned out differently in our case, I became more sensitive to babywearing and using slings. And therefore, when I see parents who have good intentions, but the practice does not necessarily go hand in hand with this, I feel the desire to help and advice. I want to scream: “Hello! You’re doing it wrong! ”

You can wear baby at the front, on the chest. You can also wear her on the back or even from the side. But it would be good to know how to do it. And here I decided to act, because in wearing baby in a sling and baby carrier the most important (besides closeness) is the correct position of the baby so the alignment of the spine. I have a feeling, that a very few parents realize this. Especially at the beginning of the adventure with babywearing.

Going on the course, after which I became a Babywearing Advisor ClauWi, my way of thinking was that I will be really good at this. I’d be lying saying that it’s been without its obstacles, but I do not like to give up. On the contrary, I keep going until the problem is solved. Hours of exercises, tests, and a million approaches to binding the sling to be certain that I do it well. That it is correct. The best.

Being an advisor in no way obligates me to criticize you as parents. I will not terrorize, and I will not chase because you do it badly. It is you, as parents decide how you want to carry your children. This is your responsibility. I am here, to be with you and for you if you find that you need my help, and you want to learn how to do it properly. What you’re going to do with this knowledge, depends only on you.

I would like to enthuse you, give as much knowledge as possible to entice you into such closeness with your child. You do not have to be limited by having them so close, because you can do almost any activity with your child in a sling. Therefore I’ll blog about the advantages of babywearing next time.

Polish version of this post is available HERE


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